It is the policy of RTM Products Pty. Ltd. to operate in a manner that satisfies the Company’s objectives and all customer expectations, including supplying only products that conform to agreed specifications at the right price and at the right time. All employees are responsible for the quality of their work and thereby share the overall Company responsibility to produce high quality products. Quality is planned into every job at the beginning and is confirmed through each stage of the manufacturing process.

To achieve this objective and to ensure consistent control of all functions, a Quality Management System is in use, which is regularly audited to confirm continuity of effectiveness. RTM Products Pty. Ltd. is committed to continuous improvement and actively pursues new techniques for the benefit of the Company, its Customers and its Employees. A Quality Manual describes the system elements designed to comply with Company and Customer requirements and relevant regulatory standards.

This is fundamental to the operation of the Company, and all employees are asked to actively support its implementation.

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